Learning Apps For Adults

In today’s fast-paced world, continuous learning is essential for personal and professional growth. Whether you want to develop new skills, learn a new language, or nurture your creative talents, there’s an app for that!

Our comprehensive guide will help you navigate through the best learning apps for adults, covering various categories to suit your interests and goals. Let’s embark on a journey to unlock your full potential!

Short Summary

Top Learning Apps for Skill Development

A group of people using educational apps on their mobile devices
Using Learning Apps To Develop Skills

In an ever-evolving job market, staying relevant and competitive requires constant skill development. The good news is that several top learning apps are designed to help you enhance your professional skills. Coursera, LinkedIn Learning, and Udemy are three of the most popular platforms offering a vast array of courses from world-class companies and universities, allowing you to learn at your own pace and even gain certificates to showcase on your resume.

With a growing demand for online education, these platforms provide a convenient way to acquire new skills, from programming languages to communication skills and everything in between. No matter your current skill level or area of interest, there’s a course waiting to help you level up your career prospects.


Coursera is a massive open online course (MOOC) platform that combines top-notch courses from renowned universities and leading companies like Google, IBM, Yale, and the University of London. The platform is free to start, but paid options are available if you want to earn a professional certificate or have your assignments graded.

With Coursera’s offline viewing capabilities, you can download course videos to your phone, making learning accessible even without an internet connection. The diverse range of courses on Coursera ensures there’s something for everyone, no matter your career aspirations.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online platform offering over 21,000 courses and certificates in various topics, ranging from business and creative skills to technology. As you complete courses on the platform, you can showcase your newfound knowledge and skills on your LinkedIn profile, giving you a competitive edge in the job market.

The platform allows you to learn at your own pace, and with its extensive range of courses, you’ll never run out of new subjects to explore.


Udemy is another excellent platform for upgrading your professional skills, offering many courses across different subjects. Whether you’re interested in web development, marketing, or data science, Udemy has something for everyone.

With its user-friendly interface and the vast library of courses, you can easily find the perfect course to help you reach your career goals.

Best Language Learning Apps for Adults

A person using a language learning app on their mobile phone
Language Learning Apps

Learning a new language can open doors to exciting opportunities and personal growth in today’s globalized world. Language learning apps like Duolingo, Babbel, and Rosetta Stone make acquiring new language skills easier with engaging lessons, games, and AI-based learning techniques tailored for busy adults who want to learn at their own pace.

These apps help you develop communication skills in multiple languages and offer a fun and interactive learning method. By incorporating gamification elements and bite-sized lessons, you can stay motivated and progress steadily on your language learning journey.


Duolingo Logo
Duolingo Logo

Duolingo is a popular, free language learning app that offers engaging lessons in over 30 languages. With its innovative teaching structure and gamified approach, Duolingo makes learning a new language enjoyable and accessible.

The app is available for free with ads, or you can upgrade to Super Duolingo Learning for an ad-free experience and to support free education. Learn anytime, anywhere, and immerse yourself in a world of language learning with Duolingo.


Babbel is another fantastic language-learning app that offers lessons in 14 different languages, including Spanish, French, German, and Japanese. The app focuses on teaching practical vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation through engaging and interactive lessons.

Babbel provides you with the option to try it out for free. Take advantage of this opportunity before committing to a subscription. Dive into the world of languages and expand your communication skills with Babbel.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a revolutionary language-learning app offering lessons in 25 different languages, including Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Dutch, Greek, English (American and British), French, German, and more. With over a decade of experience, Rosetta Stone’s innovative computer-assisted language learning tool helps you reach your language goals by providing immersive and engaging lessons.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, Rosetta Stone has something to offer everyone.

Top Apps for Enhancing Math Skills

A person using a math skills app on their mobile device
Math Skills Apps On Mobile Devices

Math skills are essential in everyday life, from personal finance to problem-solving. For adults looking to enhance their math skills, apps like Photomath, Microsoft Math Solver, and Wolfram Alpha provide a wide range of resources, from basic arithmetic to advanced mathematical concepts.

These apps help users with math problems and offer intuitive and interactive features that make learning math enjoyable. Whether you need assistance with simple calculations or complex equations, these math apps have got you covered.


Photomath is an innovative app that allows users to solve math problems step-by-step by simply taking a picture of the problem. The app uses a camera to recognize the math problem and provides step-by-step instructions to solve it.

Whether you’re tackling 8th-grade math or college-level equations, Photomath has you covered.

Microsoft Math Solver

Microsoft Math Solver is a free app that provides users with step-by-step solutions to math problems, including arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, and other topics. The app also offers interactive graphs and diagrams to help users visualize the problem and its solution.

With Microsoft Math Solver, you can quickly and easily solve math problems and improve your understanding of mathematical concepts.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a powerful computational knowledge engine that provides answers to questions about math, science, engineering, finance, and more. By computing answers from external data sources, Wolfram Alpha empowers users to explore and learn more about various topics.

With its extensive knowledge base, Wolfram Alpha is an invaluable resource for users seeking to enhance their math skills and general knowledge.

Best Apps for Personal Growth and Wellness

A person using a personal growth and wellness app on their mobile device
Personal Growth and Wellness Apps

Personal growth and wellness are crucial aspects of a fulfilling life. In today’s fast-paced world, finding time for self-care and personal development is essential. Headspace, Calm, and Insight Timer are top apps that provide guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, and sleep stories to help users relax, improve mental health, and achieve inner peace.

These apps help users manage stress and anxiety and offer resources to enhance focus, productivity, and overall well-being. By incorporating these apps into your daily routine, you can experience significant improvements in your mental health and personal growth.


Headspace is a fantastic meditation app that offers many resources to help you master the art of meditation and mindfulness. The app provides guided meditations, mindfulness exercises, and sleep-focused content to help you relax, focus, and sleep better.

With Headspace, you can start your journey towards better mental health and improved well-being.


Calm is an amazing app with guided meditation and relaxation features to help users reduce stress and achieve inner peace. With its extensive library of meditations, sleep stories, and relaxation techniques, Calm is an essential tool for anyone looking to improve their mental health and overall wellness.

It offers a variety of features, such as personalized meditation programs, music and soundscapes, and breathing exercises that can be tailored to the user’s individual needs. The app also provides access to a community of like-minded people.

Insight Timer

Insight Timer is a free meditation app with a massive library of over 170,000 guided meditations and 17,000 teachers. The app offers a range of amazing features, such as a timer, reminders, and progress tracking, to help users reach their meditation goals.

Insight Timer has something for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner.

Top Apps for Expanding General Knowledge

A person using a general knowledge app on their mobile device
General Knowledge Apps

Expanding general knowledge is essential for personal growth, staying informed, and engaging in meaningful conversations. Apps like TED, Wikipedia, and Quizlet offer a wide range of videos, podcasts, and courses on diverse subjects, making it easy for users to learn and stay up-to-date with the latest information.

With options for offline learning, these apps allow users to explore various topics and gain new knowledge at their own pace. Incorporating these apps into your daily routine allows you to broaden your horizons and become a lifelong learner.


TED is a renowned platform that features captivating talks by experts in various fields, covering topics from science and technology to personal growth and wellness. The app allows users to download TED videos for offline watching, making it convenient to learn on the go.

With its inspiring content, TED encourages users to explore new ideas and expand their general knowledge.


Wikipedia is an incredible, free online encyclopedia that provides a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. While it may not always be accurate due to its open-edit nature, Wikipedia is an excellent starting point for researching various topics and finding reliable sources.

With its extensive database of information, Wikipedia is an invaluable resource for expanding general knowledge.


Quizlet is an online learning community that provides a vast array of videos, podcasts, and courses on diverse topics, with options for offline learning. The platform offers both free and paid membership options, catering to different learning needs and budgets.

By exploring Quizlet’s extensive library of resources, you can gain new knowledge and improve your understanding of various subjects.

Best Apps for Creativity and Artistic Skills

A person using a creativity and artistic skills app on their mobile device
Creativity and Artistic Apps

Unlocking your creative potential and honing your artistic skills can be a fulfilling and enjoyable pursuit. Apps like Procreate, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Skillshare offer resources and tutorials to help users learn creative and artistic skills such as drawing, painting, photography, and video editing.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, these apps provide a wealth of tools and techniques to help you unleash your creativity and develop your talents.


Procreate is a powerful digital illustration app available exclusively on iPad and iPhone. With its customizable brush library, layers, and color mixer, Procreate offers an impressive range of drawing and painting tools for artists of all skill levels.

For a one-time purchase of just $9.99, you can access Procreate’s incredible features and create stunning artwork on your mobile device.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud is an incredible suite of apps that enables users to create stunning digital artwork, photos, and videos. With access to over 20 powerful software applications, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Premiere Pro, Adobe Creative Cloud provides a comprehensive solution for all your creative needs.

Investing in Adobe Creative Cloud can unlock your creativity and bring your ideas to life.


Skillshare is an online learning platform that offers amazing courses in creative and artistic skills such as drawing, painting, photography, and video editing. With a vast array of courses and tutorials, Skillshare allows users to learn from professionals and expand their creative skills.

Whether you’re looking to improve your art skills or explore new creative techniques, Skillshare has something for everyone.

How to Choose the Right Learning App for You

A person using a learning app to choose the right learning app for them
Choosing The Right App For You

With so many learning apps available, finding the right one for your needs can be challenging. To make an informed decision, it’s important to consider your goals, evaluate the features and pricing of different apps, and test out multiple apps to find the best fit.

Consider Your Goals

Start by reflecting on your learning goals and determining what you want to achieve with the app. Are you looking to improve your language skills, develop new professional skills, or explore a new hobby?

By setting clear objectives, you can better focus on the features and content to help you reach those goals and ensure you choose an app that aligns with your interests and aspirations.

Evaluate Features and Pricing

Next, compare the features and pricing of different learning apps to find the one that offers the best value for your needs. Look for apps that provide engaging content, cater to your learning style, and offer customization options.

Review reviews from multiple sources and consider the overall ratings to understand each app’s strengths and weaknesses better. Additionally, check out any free trials or freemium versions to test out the app before committing to a paid subscription.

Test Out Multiple Apps

Lastly, try out different learning apps and take notes on their strengths and weaknesses to find the best fit for you. Experimenting with multiple apps will help you get a feel for their user experience, content quality, and effectiveness in meeting your learning goals.

By testing out various options, you can make an informed decision and choose the learning app that best meets your needs and preferences.


In conclusion, learning apps offer many resources and opportunities for adults to continue their education, develop new skills, and broaden their horizons. By considering your goals, evaluating features and pricing, and testing out multiple apps, you can find the perfect app to support your learning journey. Embrace the power of technology and embark on a path to personal and professional growth with the best learning apps for adults!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number 1 best learning app?

Discover the number one best learning app of 2023 – the 9 Best Educational Apps. Equip yourself with cutting-edge tools for your educational journey and unlock your maximum potential.

Boost your knowledge, productivity, and efficiency with this top-rated app!

Is there an app to help adults learn to read?

Yes, there is an app to help adults learn to read – Learning Upgrade! This easy-to-use app offers a comprehensive learning program with personalized instruction and individualized assessments to help adult learners build their reading skills.

So, take the first step toward success and sign up for Learning Upgrade today!

Is there any learning app for free?

Are you looking for a free learning app? Look no further than Duolingo! This language-learning app makes learning easy and fun by offering 95 different language courses in 23 languages and providing basic flashcard-type language-learning courses.

With Duolingo, learning can be done anytime, anywhere – and for free!

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