How To Figure Out What You Need In Life

Life is funny. We’re born, we learn, we work, we grow, we love, we die. What’s the point of it? Sure, life can be fun, but it’s such an abstract concept. We spend most of our lives wondering what the purpose of our lives is.

Very rarely do we realize that the purpose of our lives is to live our lives in a way that only we can live them. Your life is specific to you, no one can live it the way you do. Life is meant to be enjoyed and lived thoroughly. 

But how can you do that? It’s all very well saying, go forth, be brilliant, and be merry, but how? And how can you do that when you don’t have everything you need in life? That might sound like a scary notion, and it should be.

If you are going to truly enjoy your life, you’ll need to make yourself face realities head-on. Not every truth is easy to hear or accept, but if you’re determined to achieve your goals, then eventually you will find a solution. 

After having gone through a few hardships in life myself, I am now at a stage where I’m extremely grateful for difficulties, as they tend to help bring people together and force us to look inward. 

You never know who is struggling through their troubles and needs your help. So when things get tough, you won’t want to give up. Instead, you’ll try to understand why you were given challenges you couldn’t possibly have predicted. And believe me, you cannot predict some of them.

A reality that you might face is that you don’t know what you need in life. And that’s okay. Not everyone knows what they need, but they know they need something. It’s like not knowing what is missing, but you can see the hole it left behind. So how can I figure it out?

How Do I Figure Out What I Need In Life?

Figuring out what you need in life isn’t so tough. It doesn’t require days of wandering through the desert, shamanistic rituals to connect you with the spirits, or invoking ancient gods to guide you — which is a shame because those seem like they could be really fun. 

Nowadays, one of the easiest ways to figure out what you need in life is to try using quizzes. 

Mind Masteries attempts to solve this very problem. Known for the excellent psychological reviews and research overviews, they’ve put together this quiz here to help you figure out what your true passion in life is. 

Alternatively, if you’re not so keen on passions, and you want to get right down to the question at heart, you could try Scott Barry Kaufman’s (the Scientific Director of the Imagination Institute at the University of Pennsylvania) quiz on self-actualization

Oprah, the queen of the people herself, realized how important figuring yourself out is and put together a quiz to help. Here, you answer some basic questions, and it will return the results to you, telling you who you’re meant to be and what you need in life.

How To Figure Out What You Need In Life

They include categories like Career, Family, Finance, Health, Love, and Spirituality. This can help you figure out what you need to improve on and what kind of life you’d prefer to lead. 

And lastly, there’s always Google for more quizzes. But just because you can find something online does not mean it is 100% accurate. Some of these answers are biased towards the person answering, meaning the result may be skewed. 

This can also explain why we sometimes feel different about ourselves than other people think we are. But still, Google has become the ultimate tool for self-discovery.

Go ahead and check out its pages; I guarantee you’ll find something interesting. And to avoid getting skewed answers, make sure you’re being completely honest with yourself. 

What Could I Need In Life?

These quizzes will tell you a lot about yourself. They’ll tell you your needs. 

There are three basic types of needs:

1) Basic Needs – These are physical needs that all human beings share. Like food, water, shelter (to protect us from cold weather, rain, etc).
2) Functional Needs – These are things you need to live a decent quality of life. These can include money, health, love, and family.
3) Passionate Needs – These are those desires you have that make you tick. These can include career, hobbies, love, community involvement, education, and spiritual growth.

Final Thoughts

Figuring out which of these needs are essential in life is a powerful step towards taking control of your life and taking charge of your happiness.

Once you know, you can begin striving to fulfill them, and once you do, you’ll be able to achieve fulfillment in work, relationships, spirituality, and everything else in life. After all, knowing yourself is only half the battle. Knowing what you need is the next best thing!

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